Painting a Napoleonic Army

Chapter Three - 500 More Austrians Way Too Many More

After a quick start on the Napoleonic figures I got stalled and my attention diverted to several other things. First, travel for business took me away a couple times, second, is it's summer and yard work adds to the load of things to do around the house. I had other miniatures projects come up that seemed to take precedence. Finally I made the big mistake of trying to do too many figures and got overwhelmed.

I attempted to paint close to 500 figures and at about the half way point I was feeling I would never get them done. Stopping to finish some World War II airplanes, I resisted picking up the balance of the Austrian figures I had to paint. Two weeks ago I restarted painting the remaining figures and did them in two groups, the first about 340 and the second about 160 figures.

One of the things you have to remember about painting mini's is use moderation in your appetite. Paint only as many as you can reasonably do in a week. For me this equates to about 200 to 250 figures. By trying to do 500 plus figures, I bogged down with the volume of painting. It is very tedious to paint 1000 hands or boots in a single sitting. Taking smaller bites of 200 to 250 figures reduces the tedious detail painting and speeds up the process and results in a clearer feeling of accomplishment when you are done.

I still have not figured how I am going to do the uniform facings yet, that may have to wait until I am ready to base the figures. I will finish up with a flat clear coat and put the figures away. Previously I used a matte finish, which had a slight sheen to it. I am going to try using a flat finish to give the figures a duller look on the table.

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