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MEGA is a loose association of people who share an interest in military miniature gaming. We meet together on most Saturday nights and play a wargame or two. We usually play American Civil War (Johnny Reb/Brother Against Brother), World War Two land (G.I./Mein Panzer), air (Blue Sky), and sea (Shipbase III), plus Wild West skirmishes (?), and a number of lesser used rule sets. Occasionally visitors will bring a new game along and we'll give it a try.

Almost all of us are members of Big Muddy, and try to put on games at the conventions and game days they sponsor.

MEGA is located in Illinois just east of the city of St. Louis. In local usage the area here is refered to as the "Metro East," hense the name of the association. We usually play on Saturday night in Shiloh, IL, which is 20 miles east of the city of St. Louis just off Route 64.

We also do a lot of reading and historical research. Throughout the site there are references to books we have used for gaming purposes. If you click on these references they will connect you to our Book Review page. On this page if you click on the book title it will take you directly to the Barnes and Nobel web site where you can order the book on line, or find more information about it. If you do this they send me a couple of bucks:).

We always welcome new players (well, usually...). If you will be in the Metro East send us a message and we'll give you directions to the " Saturday Night Fights." To get an idea of what we've done, and perhaps what we'll be doing in the near future, take a look at the game log. This page has a listing of the battle, a short description, and a list of commanders.
We also get reports of battles from our allies around the country. These can be seen in Reports from Other Theaters.

If you would like to become a member of MEGA, the entrance requirements are strict and difficult, and few can qualify. To become a member of MEGA, you must do the following:

Membership entitles you to attend our gaming sessions, write after action reports for the web page, put on games, have your name, email, and interests listed below, and participate in our various campaigns. You are also allowed to bring food and drink to the gaming sessions, especially lemon drops and root beer...