DiCon 2001

Die Con 2001 Report by Warren Peterson

At Die Con I put on two games, the first was a Silent Death (miniature spaceship combat) game and the second one was a 15mm Wild West game.

Wild West

The game was a 15mm American Wild West skirmish battle fought using home rules. The events took place in the fictional town of Deadwood Gulch. Involved in the fight were the Good Guys:
  1. Lawmen - Sheriff Tate MaGraw, Deputy Billy Yates, and Deputy John Holmes.
  2. The Kettle Klan - Ma Kettle, Pa Kettle, Hiram Ham, and Giv Mehand.
  3. The Teamsters - Driver Mike Mack, Guard Ted Dancesom, and Guard Lefty Dancesom.
And of course the Bad Guys:
  1. Red Sash Gang - El Lopo, Sid Chevez, Juan Motie, Boomba Mucho, and Diego Sorefeetz.
  2. Indians - Chief Wahas Children, Running Dog, Stray Cat, No Shoot Straight and Buffalo Guts.
  3. Cave-In Rock Gang - Billy the Teen, Sam Walleye, Little Fred, Sumdunce Kid, and Billy Bob.
The action started with the teamsters delivering a shipment from Gold's Mine to the Bank & Trust. Having heard there was a "fat" bank in town, the Red Sash Gang decided to make a withdrawl. They filtered into town and took up positions near the bank.

Meanwhile, the local Indian Chief was upset over settlers homesteading his land. He was determined to do something about it, and led a war party into town with the intention of burning down the Land Office. Things started to go wrong when the Kettles spotted the party. It seems the Kettles hate Indians and believe "the only good Indian is a dead Indian." They intercepted the party on the edge of town and started to make "good." The Indians exchanged shots with the Kettles. Several members of each group were wounded then killed. Notable was the incident where the Chief left his warriors shooting at the Kettles, and heading into town to burn the Land Office. With everybody in town distracted by the gunfight it should have been a simple matter to run down the board walk, enter the office, collect a few scalps and burn it down. All that stood in his way was Fred Clerk, an employee of the Office. The Chief charged on Fred with a tomahawk. A melee ensued. Fred utilized his broom (an improvised weapon?) to knock down the Indian Chief. As fate would have it, Fred pulled out his pepperbox and emptied it into the Chief before he could recover. Scratch one Chief.

The Indian gunfight attracted the attention of the Sheriff. It was while he was distracted that the Red Sash Gang made its move. Gunfire erupted in front of the Bank & Trust. The Teamsters were seriously wounded. Several gang members were also wounded and killed. Two gang members made it into the Bank where they tried to plant dynamite to open the safe. Quick acting deputies prevented this by entering through the back door. The deputies shot one member and the other surrendered. They had stopped the robbery. The other surviving members of the gang fled.

The Cave-In Rock Gang entered town and seeing the carnage and the armed citizenry decided not to press their luck. The game ended with the forces of Good prevailing once again.