Di Con 2001

DiCon 2001 Report by Terry Callahan

At DiCon I put on two games a American Civil War 25mm and a World War Two naval game.

The Devils Den - The Opening

The battle was hard fought and looked as if the Rebels would get to the wall with few casualties. The Union had two squads retreat in the face of the enemy. It looked bad for the Federal Troops. The Confederates did reach the wall twice but were unable to hold or press forward, being thrown back by the hard pressed Union troops. The Rebels failed to capture the guns and lost the battle. Victory Union, Moderator Terry Callahan.

Convoy PQ11

The Convoy game Saturday morning was a disaster for the Allies. The Scharnhorst and four destroyers attacked a convoy for Russia. The four Flower Class Corvettes and three Ward Class destroyers were no match. They tried gunfire, torpedo attacks and smoke screens to no avail. The Germans pressed the attack even in the face of the Allied Support force arriving on the scene. The Support force was out of range for two turns and at extreme range fro five turns thereafter. The Germans never took their focus off the objective sinking the convoy. The final tally was eight freighters and two tankers sunk, three freighters dead in the water, two more moving at 2 knots, three corvettes and two destroyers sunk. Victory German Moderator Terry Callahan