Cold Wars 2001 - Report by Warren Peterson

I played several games at the convention. The two most notable were:

Friday (evening) - I played a WWII German/American infantry battle using Crossfire rules. I had played these rules before so I was familiar with the mechanics of game play. The figures were 20mm and individually mounted. The game table was covered with very nice scenery consisting of numerous ruined buildings, factories, rubble piles and damaged vehicles (sorry, no pictures). The terrain provided lots of cover for the infantry. Three players (including myself) controlled the defending Germans, while the attacking Americans were played by five players. The German forces consisted of 3 infantry platoons, 2 MMGs, two mortar squads (off-board), one panzerschreck squad and one Tiger tank. They were attacked by a force consisting of 5 infantry platoons, a couple HMGs, two Shermans, one jeep with a HMG, one ½-track with a quad-20mm, and lots of off-board artillery. The battle was very tense. The Germans managed to destroy the Shermans and jeep with the Tiger who held the right flank. The main American advance was bottled up for several turns while trying to cross a street into a ruined factory complex. Eventually, they managed to gain a foothold in the complex. Ultimately, the American artillery took its toll and the suppressed German squads where unable to effectively return fire (regain the initiative). A good time was had by all.

Saturday (morning) - I played an ACW naval scenario hosted by Thoroughbred Miniatures consisting of a Union squadron advancing into a Confederate port. The rule set used was Ironclads (a computer-assisted version). Moves were plotted in advance on paper while the computer managed the gunfire and torpedo hits. The ship scale was 1/600 and the miniatures were showroom quality in regards to painting and rigging. The Union fleet consisted of four wood (two with iron hull skirts) gunboats, a couple of monitors, and two other ironclads. Opposing them was a Confederate squadron of four ironclads and four torpedo boats. I played on the Confederate side. The battle started with the Confederate torpedo boats making an attack run. Two of them collided with each other, while the other two were shot to pieces. As the battle progressed, the Confederates managed to sink most of the gunboats and damage the ironclads. My Confederate ironclad rammed one Union ironclad with its torpedo spar down doing moderate damage. Later, I was severely damaged by multiple broadsides from several ironclads and basically became a floating battery (still fighting defiantly). The game ended do to time constraints, however, I would declare it a Confederate victory based on the sinking of the Union gunboats.