Cold Wars 2001

I attended Cold Wars 2001 Con in Lancaster, PA March 8 to 10. Joe Shaffer, Warren Peterson and I drove to Lancaster Thursday, stopping at the Air Force Museum at Dayton, OH. Friday we met Tom Sparhawk and Lance Fraley at Gettysburg, PA and spent the morning touring the Gettysburg National Battlefield Monument. We went on to Lancaster after lunch.

I played five games at the Cold Wars, three on Friday, and two on Saturday. I also hosted a naval game Saturday morning. The games Friday evening were both air battles. The first was W.W.II II similar to Blue Sky but with many modifications. It was an okay game that I lost as one of the German players. I did shoot down two planes. Later we played "Raid Over Verdun"a W.W.I version of Blue Sky that was very enjoyable even though I got shot down. The game was very playable and I had a lot of fun. I hope that the version is published soon.

On Saturday I played a 25 mm Napoleonic skirmish game using Brother Against Brother (BAB) rules. The game "British Return to Schlegal's Ferry" was a lot of fun and I got several ideas to use in our own BAB games. I was in overall command of the Americans and personally commanded three squads of US Regulars. My movement rolls were typically terrible, with moves of 2 and 3 inches and one time nothing at all. Where my movement rolls were bad my hit rolls were spectacular. On my first roll I got seven hits of ten dice rolled, then rolled six hit and then to finish off a Royal Marine squad five hits, taking out the last three of the squad. At this point His Majesty's Marines began to withdraw. While I was have success on one side of town Scott's Regulars were holding against elite squads of British at the Blockhouse and in the town. The militia, though, was taking it on the chin. I moved up to help the militia and Scott's regulars but my movement rolls were again terrible and in the end the British won the game by burning the lighthouse and the blockhouse. It was a great game, and was a close finish for the British.

Later the five of us got together and played a naval game and Tom's bomber game he put on earlier in the day. He won the naval game and Joe won the bomber game. Tom accused Warren and I of poaching on his planes when we came over to help shoot down a couple B-17's (we got points for hitting and shooting down the B-17's). We said we thought he needed help! Tom lost by the exact number of points Warren and I poached! It was a great game among friends, lots of laughter and jokes.

I hosted "Atlantic Crossing"naval game Saturday morning. It is a game I put on last fall at Command Con. (see after action report). I had five players, two of which had played Shipbase III before. All had a good time and it was a tight game. As usual the American's sank a couple of their own destroyers. One from a collision with the BC Alaska and another from a US torpedo. The Germans though did not concentrate attack enough on the American capital ships and lost. It was a great game and I am planning on doing another, based on a convoy action.

Joe, Warren and I returned to Southern Illinois Sunday night and all agreed it was a good trip.