Command Con IV

Friday Nov. 15 to Sunday Nov. 17 at Jefferson Barracks, St Louis, MO. Hosted by Big Muddy Historical Games Alliance

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Friday Morning
Title: Bombers Over France
Presented by Terry Callahan

US 8th Air Force attack the rail yards at Courlee France during the pre-invasion preperation. Defending Lufftwaffe attempt to stop the attack. Friday morning game was with two players attempting to shoot down the bombers as they crossed Germany. Both players got the hang of the rules and movement and eventually began to get hits on the bombers. One player was able to shoot down a bomber with rockets and another went down to hits. His accumulated hits plus shoot down left him with enough points to win the game. Players: Doug Headly and Richard Wright.

Friday Afternon
Title: Sinking of the Ark Royal
Presented by Terry Callahan

Friday afternoon I hosted "Sink the Ark Royal" a miniatures game of Submarine. The game was double blind. One player had played the game before while the other hadn't. The experienced played took command of the German submarine U-81. While the previous game I ran lasted 4 hours, this one ran considerably less. The British player was at first unable to get a sonar lock or visual on the sub. Eventually a visual of the periscope was made and he was able to release his destroyers. The DDs and DEs raced ahead, realizing he would not be able to get a sonar lock on the sub he slowed one DD which got a lock after several more turns. He immediately lost the sonar but the sub commander came to periscope depth for a look and was spotted by five of the six escorts! The escorts homed on the periscope while the slow escort finally got a sonar lock. The first pass of depth charges did little to the sub except make him aware that the destroyers were above him and had a general idea of his position. After two more turns the British commander had lost the location of the U-Boat. It was her the U-boat commander made his fatal mistake he came back to periscope depth for another look and was immediately spotted by several escorts only a 3 or 4 hexes away. Three escorts turned towards the German position and laid down an overlapping spread of depth charges. The U-boat unable to get away was hit by three depth charges in the two hexes the sub was in. The first one did one point of damage the second missed and the third two points of damage. The three point's damage would force the submarine to the surface. The U-Boat captain surfaced abandoned ship and scuttled the submarine. The U-Boat commander realized his mistake was surfacing too soon after his previous look and he should have gone deep to avoid the escort's depth charges. At the same time he did not know that the British commander had slowed his task force down from 2 to 1 instead of speeding up. Players German - Joe Shaffer American - Dennis

Friday Evening
Title: Some where in the Pacific
Presented by Pat McGarrity

Marine landing and advance on a Japanese held Pacific Island. Can the Japanese hold out against the tuogh and well equiped Marines. What surpries await the Marines as they advance though the jungle to the objective.

Saturday Morning and Afternoon
Bi-State challenge: MRG Versus MEGA.
Title: Battle of Kursk
Presented by Joe Shaffer

This scenario will focus on the climax of the Battle of Kursk in July 1943
I played the overall Russian commander at Kursk on Saturday morning. I personally commanded an armored battalion with attached Infantry Company and an infantry battalion that came on later in support. I will let one of the other players write up the battle but I will say the game came down to three missed die rolls. We missed one of our pre-game support rolls and then missed two of the first three and 2 of the last three rolls. Our OOB was an infantry battalion and tank battalion; support rolls were for one of the following. A flight of four IL4's, an infantry battalion, tank regiment, assault gun battalion, medium assault gun company and a heavy assault gun company. We only were able get the tank regiment at the beginning, the infantry battalion on turn 4 and the heavy assault gun company on turn 7. The outcome of the battle was in favor of the Germans though it was only noon of the day of the battle and more Russians were behind us ready to take up the cause.

Saturday Evening
Title: Bombers Over France reprise
Presented by Terry Callahan

We had eleven players for the Blue-Sky bomber game. By the time the bombers made their first transit the Germans had lost all but two of their fighters and the Americans had lost two of their escorts and no bombers. On the final approach to the target the Germans attacked one group and knocked down several bombers early on. A spectacular rocket attack destroyed one bomber and severely damaged two others a second attack knocked another out of the sky and damaged another American plane. The American fighters did more damage to the Germans attacker and by the time the bombers got over the rail yard there were only 4 Germans planes and 3 American escorts. The first group of bombers missed the target completely. The second hit the target scoring seventy-five points of damage. The final bomber group missed the target. A score of 100 or more was needed to win the game for the US to win.

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Sunday Morning
Title: Gross Deutschland at Kursk
Presented by Joe Shaffer

This session will use one or more scenarios from Skirmish Campaigns’ Gross Deutschland at Kursk.

Sunday Afternoon
Title: Stalingrad Suburbs
Presented by Warren Peterson

German 3rd Motorized Division unable to keep pace with the advancing panzers forms a hedgehog for the night. It is attacked at dawn by elements of a Soviet 35th Guards Division.

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