MEGA Games offered at Command Con III 2001

Command Con III Friday Nov. 16 to Sunday Nov. 18 at Jefferson Barracks, St Louis, MO. Hosted by Big Muddy Historical Games Alliance

Morning - Joe Shaffer
WWII 15mm G.I. Rules Scavenger Hunt: Americans on a night patrol.

Afternoon - Terry Callahan
Convoy Action in the Barents Sea
A small convoy and escort tangle with a German cruiser and destroyer task force and both tangle with icebergs. 1/2400 Shipbase III computer moderated rules.

Evening - Pat McGarrity
20mm set in Normandy in 1944. German Paratroopers have to defend a farm houses from advancing American forces.

Morning - Pat McGarrity
25mm North Africa 1904. Fort Beau Geste is under attack by the Tauregs. Can Major Schaefer's garrison hold out until the relief column under Lieutenaut Callaghan (and the evil sargeant-major Petterson, who happens to be greatly misunderstood) arrives? Only the players of the modified Sons of the Desert rules can decide their fate!

Afternoon - Terry Callahan
Battle of Singling
German holding action against an American assault as the US Army advances towards the German border. Mein Panzer 1/300 micro armor

Evening - Joe Shaffer
WWII 15mm G.I. Rules Scavenger Hunt redux

Morning - Warren Peterson's report
"Ferries on the Coast" - German coastal convoy carrying supplies is intercepted by British MTBs. Flaklighter rules with 1/600 scale ships. Can accommodate 4 players. No rules experience necessary.

Afternoon - open