Currently Active Campaigns

Canvas Eagles Campaign

This is a multi-player game of aerial combat set in World War One on the Western Front. Each side receives orders for the "day's" mission. The players must attempt to safely complete the mission and return to base. Each player receives points for various aspects of the mission, ranging from inflicting "red" hits on enemy aircraft, turns on the table, completing the mission and "kills". Pilots accrue experience based on the points. The pilots gain skills as the total experience increases. Each players has two pilots and one observer they can use. They fly only one pilot in a game with an observer as need. Pilots that are wounded are unavailable for a number of weeks.

Past Campaigns

World War II - Coral Sea

This is a two player game set in May of 1942. The Japanese are required to invade Port Moresby within five days. The Allies have to stop them. There have been some classic air versus ship battles in this very interesting campaign. This link gives an overview and a turn by turn description of the campaign. Rules used are our modified Avalon Hill "Midway" game called the " Coral Sea campaign game," "Blue Sky - Red Sun," and "Shipbase."

Vikings - Fighting for pigs and glory

This is a fun campaign that we play when one of the larger games runs short. The four players each control a family of Vikings and their karls. The families squabble about a variety of things, and most games are attempts to steal livestock from the hapless farmers in the area. Howard Whitehouse's "Battle Troll" rules, heavily modified, are the set used for this campaign, with the campaign features regulated by our "Pigs and Glory".

Civil War - Spring, 1862 - Eastern Theater

This is a long running campaign that currently has six players. The campaign started on April 1, 1862 with the union and confederate forces deployed as they were historically on that date. There have been a number of battles as the two sides have grappled for advantage. This link describes some of those battles and the commanders assessment of the campaign. Rule sets used are "Johnny Reb 2", " 1862 " (Home campaign rules).

Civil War - Spring, 1862 - Eastern Theater

This campaign began on August 1, 1862 with the forces deployed as they were historically. There were eleven players over the year and a half course of the campaign, and many of the historical problems cropped up in this simulation. The campaign concluded when the confederates captured Washington city. This link describes some of the memorable actions (and inactions) of this campaign. Rule sets used were "Johnny Reb 2" and " 1862" (Home campaign rules).

World War II - Western Front

This is a squad level game of ground action in late 1944 in France. There are four players in the campaign, two German and two American. Each side has a company of troops deployed on a map. The objective is to, within fifteen days (two turns per day) find and capture or destroy the company headquarters of the enemy. This link describes some of the actions and disasters that have occurred. We use "Battleground" for this campaign, plus some " home grown" campaign rules.