Plane Data Sheets

Dauntless The one feature of Blue Sky rules that is used the most is the plane data sheets. These are provided as small cards with the rule set, but they must be removed from the sheet they are on and a separate sheet is used to record damage. This teo sheet system is rather cumbersome and if you lose the data card, the plane will never fly again!

The data sheets in this file provide the basic information and a set of hit boxes that can be used to mark off plane damage. If you want the data sheet for a plane you can print it directly from this site.

To print out a data sheet find the plane model you want. Heres's how:

  1. "Left click" just in front of the name of the plane at the top.
  2. While holding down the mouse button, drag it to the end of the last hit box for that plane. All of the data should be highlighted.
  3. At this point release the mouse button, then click on, at the top of the screen, File... Print... and then click on the button for Selection.
  4. Click OK and the data sheet should appear in a printer near you in short order.

Since there are so many planes these is a separate file for each nation covered. In some cases I have added unofficial data for planes not covered by the rules, and modified the characteristcs as well. When it is a new plane, the name is in red. Modifications are also noted in red. Planes are noted by origination country, so you'll find the Hudson under USA even though it was extensively used by the British.

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