Pig and Glory - An ongoing viking

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The members of MEGA have started a new campaign, the fourth in our ongoing series. Rather than a serious effort to best Lee or Rommel or Halsey, this campaign is merely intended to capture those brutish days when Norsemen sailed upon the frigid North Sea and made their fortunes mostly by visiting mayhem upon civilized shores. Each player will play the patriarch of a household. With a small force of underlings (House-karls and simple karls) players must balance the needs of an extended family for food and protection with a need to raid and conquer. The object is to become a Norse Legend by amassing 1,000 "reputation points." Points are earned in combat, through pillaging and the like. The Viking were a vibrant, if violent, breed and this game is meant to played with reckless gusto.

The campaign began with four players randomly selecting the people and items necessary to play the campaign. The set up time took about forty minutes.

This page provides links to the sagas that are being written as the campaign progresses. Each saga is written by the player involved, so they will give you some different perspectives on what is going on. If a player is absent one week the entry will either be blank or very short. For the campaign rules see " Pigs and Glory." For some material on random events and treasures, see "Battle Troll."

The Sagas

Arni's Saga
Gudlaug's Saga
Hall's Saga
Harek's Saga

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