Gudlaug's Saga

Gudlaug lives peacefully and lawfully in a small homestead near the shores of the northern sea. His four children live there with some farm workers, all of his worldly possessions, and a small shrine to Thor. Gudlaug has two enemies on the island - Hall, who has falsely accused Gudlaug of killing his second son, but who actually killed the boy himself and bribed the court to find that Gudlaug was guilty, and Harek, who ambushed Gudlaug and wounded him without provocation or justification. Gudlaug will avenge these slights to his honor.This is the story of his adventures.

Week 1 - A Pleasant valley

Gudlaug, with his brothers in law Thord and Sigmund, decided to go to a small valley and search for what could be found. Accompanied by three karls they entered the valley and came across a small cave. In searching the cave they discovered a karl who had become lost. He was happy to see them and he joined their band.

Shortly thereafter two karls from the house of Hall, the sworn enemy of Gudlaug, came running up. The complained of harsh treatment and bad food provided by the lowly Hall and asked to join Gudlaug's band. They were much welcomed. In the distance Hall and his small band could be seen, but they were left alone this day as the weather was fair and the wind from the south. There were also rumors that Arni and his band were in the area, but they did not show themselves to the eyes of Gudlaug or his followers.

In further searching in this pleasant valley Gudlaug's band encountered a small group of evil farmers, most of whom ran away in fear from the might of Gudlaug, but one was secured and was taken to Gudlaug's farm which will be a much better life than wandering aimlessly through the countryside causing mischief.

As the band made their way back home they encountered three destitute slaves whose master had been villainously slain - probably by Hall, Harek or their followers. They willingly and happily accompanied Gudlaug back to his homestead.

In this week Gudlaug did well. Three karls have joined his raiding band, four more farm workers have been added to his holdings, and he found five silver pennies. More importantly Gudlaug has made Hall less strong. When they meet on the field of battle Hall will pay for his evil ways.

Week 2 - An evil farm

Gudlaug and his followers had heard tell of an evil farmer and his family who live near the west end of the land. He approached this holding to speak to the farmholder but before he could approach the evil Harek appeared from nowhere and threatened his men. Knowing that Harek was up to no good Gudlaug's followers attacked him and gave him a slight wound. He fled in cowardly fear before Gudlaug could confront him.

Harek's band then tried to attack Gudlaug's followers, but in a rain of spears they were driven back, but not until they were given an ox by the evil farmer who lived a mean existence with his ugly children in their rude hut. To show them the evil of their ways Gudlaug's men, in a driving rain storm, secured a cow and two sheep from the farm and herded them back to our homestead.

While leaving with these animals Hall and his pitiful band appeared and after a brief exchange of arrows they fled into the distance. Gudlaug returned home with these prizes and will await word of further trechery in this cold land.

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