Pigs and Glory
A Viking Campaign

This game is currrently inactive

(Rules last revised on October 31, 1999)


This game is based on a set of rules published in MWAN #99 (Midwest Wargamers Assc. Newsletter.)

The action takes place somewhere in the north - Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Newfoundland, Greenland, Denmark, the Faroe Islands, or any number of other viking like places. You are a hero, one of a small number of reasonably wealthy and well known land holders. You have a homestead with a house, barn, family, farm workers, and some farm animals, and you want more... There are quite a few independent farmers in the area whom you can plunder. There is treasure, and wild animals to hunt, as well as shipwrecks and the homesteads of other heros... Watch out for these other heros though. They want the same thing you do - more pigs and more glory.

Each campaign game spans one week of time.

Setting up the campaign

  1. The Families

    To begin the campaign determine the number of families who will be involved. This should be one family for every regular player, plus an additional couple of families for visitors to use.

  2. The Raiding Band

    You start the campaign with a raiding band composed of yourself, two hauskarl relatives, and three karls. Additional people can be added to this band later by spending sp (silver pennies) and RP (reputation points), or through random events.

  3. Alliances

    At the beginning of the campaign roll 2d6 for every pair of families.

    • If the roll is 10, 11 or 12 the two families are allied.
    • If the roll is 2, 3, or 4 the two families are enemies. Check again:
      • Both families roll 1d6. Low die roll is the accused.
      • Roll 2d6 to find out who in accuser's band was injured:
        • Roll of 2 to 5 - karl
        • Roll of 6 or 7 - hauskarl (4d6 for RP)
        • Roll of 8 to 10 - family member
        • Roll of 11 or 12 - Hero (3d6 times 20 for RP)
      • Determine type of injury inflicted
        • Roll of 2 to 7 - wound
        • Roll of 8 to 10 - grave wound
        • Roll of 11 or 12 - killed
      • Families remain enemies until blood money compensation is paid.
    • Any other roll means the two groups are neutral toward each other.

  4. Homestead

    Each hero familiy has
    • 1d6 family members
    • 3d6 livestock
    • 2d6 people who work on the homestead.
    (Roll on random tables below for what all of these are)

    Weapons that you have stored at the farm at the beginning of the campaign
    • 1d6 shields
    • 1d6 weapons
    • 1d6 helmets
    • 1 or 2 mail armor
    • 1 or 2 leather armor
    • 1 or 2 bows
    You also have stored at your homestead the contents of one randomly drawn treasure card.

The campaign

  1. Possible Campaign Actions

    Whenever a campaign game is desired, roll 1d10 and consult the below list to see what type of action will go on. Whenever random figures are called for consult the random tables below.

    1. Raid on a regular farm
      • 1 or 2 buildings, one enclosure
      • 2d6 livestock
      • 1d6 people If over 3, all adults are armed and will fight
      • on 1-2 on 1d6 there is a treasure card

    2. Raid on a large farm
      • 3 or 4 buildings, 2 or three enclosures
      • 3d6 livestock
      • 2d6 people plus 1d6 armed men who will fight
      • on a 1-4 on 1d6 there is a treasure card. On a 6 2 treasure cards

    3. Search for treasure - 2d6 treasure cards randomly distributed in wild terrain

    4. Raid on the homestead of one of the heros
      All participating players roll 1d6. Low die score is the one raided. All heros who are neutral or hostile to that hero will attack. Heros that are allied with the one raided will appear when they roll 1d6 that totals less than the turn number.

    5. Outdoor stuff (1d6)
      • 1 - 2 Hunt. Groups will hunt for boar and deer and rabbits... and each other. Roll 1d6. On 1 - 2 there is one treasure card; on 3 - 4 two treasure cards; on 5 - 6 three treasure cards.
      • 3 - 4 Shipwreck. Stretch of beach is strewn with floatsum. 1d6 treasure cards. On a roll of 1-3 on 1d6 there will be a band of castaways. Roll people as for a large farm.
      • 5 - 6 Whale! A whale has washed up on the beach. Its value is 150 sp!! You need to control it. Roll 1d6 each turn and on a 1 or 2 a pack of wolvs will appear to try to take the whale from you.

    6. Raid on a regular farm
    7. Raid on a regular farm
    8. Raid on a large farm
    9. Search for treasure
    10. Make something up, or roll again

    Players may decide not to participate in an encounter, but if they do they lose 20 RP.

  2. Promotion and recruitment of non heros:

    1. Recruitment
      • Hauskarls will join your band if you spend 200 sp and 50 RP. They start with a random amount of RP.
      • Karls will join you band if you spend 50 sp and 5 RP.
      • Only one karl or hauskarl can be added to the band each week.
        Keep the numbers of recruits reasonable or wealthier players could field armies!
      • New farm workers can only be added through trades with other players or by capturing people on raids.
      • New family members can be added through marriage to or adoption of other player's family members.

    2. Promotion (and demotion!)
      • All figures with at least 100 RP are treated as a hero. Hauskarls can become hero, and heros, if they fall below 100 RP, lose their hero status!
      • Karls can be promoted to hauskarl by gathering 50 RP. Once elevated they receive a random number of RP.

  3. Alliances and Changing Alliances

    Alliances dictate to some extent how you will act toward other heros and their bands in a campaign game.

    • Allied - You will not willingly attack the family or hero. You will come to their assistance whenever they are attacked. You will help defend their homestead if attacked.
    • Neutral - You can do pretty much as you please.
    • Enemies - You cannot make deals with your enemies. If they attack someone else who is not your enemy you will assist that family. If in range of an enemy you will attack.
    • Outlaw - You can have no allies. Other heros may attack you or you family, or raid your homestead and any injury or loss that occurs is not subject to any compensation. All actions against you when in this status are ignored once the status is removed.

    Alliances can be changed in the following ways:

    1. You become enemies with other heros if they initiate combat against you, the members of your band, or they attack your homestead and steal your property.
    2. You become neutral to other heros if they pay the required blood money for the injury they caused you.

    3. You can become allied with another hero if the two heros involved in the alliance reduce their combined RP by 200. You cannot become allies with an enemy.

    4. At times things will occur that are legitimate reasons to strike out at members of another family. If these occur and you injure or kill someone in a fight (or are injured or killed yourself in the fight) no blood money compensation is required

      Legitimate reasons for a fight are:
      • Someone verbally insults you.
      • Arguments over claimed ownership of someone elses property.
      These "legitimate" reasons are vague. If you attack someone with what you think is a legitimate reason and they don't think so, you have made an enemy.

    5. Adjudication of disputes
      If two families argue about their alliance status (or anything else) the argument can be taken to "court" by either of the heros involved. All non involved players, after hearing the arguments of the players involved, should vote on the resolution. If a hero does not accept the verdict they become outlaw.

    6. Removal of outlaw status requires an adjudictaion. Once what the "court" decides is completed, the outlaw status is removed.

  4. Blood money compensation:

    1. Karls and homestead workers
      • Killed - 100 sp
      • Wounded - 25 sp

    2. Huskarls
      • Killed - 200 sp plus sp equal to their RP
      • Grave Wound - 100 sp plus sp equal to their RP
      • Wound - 50 sp plus sp equal to their RP

    3. Relatives
      • Killed - 250 sp
      • Wounded - 100 sp

    4. Heros
      • Killed* - 500 sp plus sp equal to two times their RP
      • Grave Wound - 250 sp plus sp equal to their RP
      • Wound - 100 sp plus sp equal to their RP
      • Scratch - SP equal to their RP
        *Only applies if someone in the band can take over the family. If not, family breaks up and is lost to the campaign. Player needs to bring in a new family.

  5. Death and Injury

    • Heros and Huskarls who receive a grave wound will take 1d6 games to recover back at the homestead.
    • Karls who receive a grave wound are considered killed and are lost.
    • Figures who receive a wound are completely recovered by the next game.
    • Figures that are killed are killed and the body can be plundered.

  6. Bookkeeping

    • During each game record RP gathered by everyone in your band.
    • At the end of the game record all sp and other things you have brought home, such as sp, weapons, new farm workers, and livestock.
    • At the beginning of each game some bookkeeping is required.

      1. You may make deals with any player who is not your enemy to buy or sell anything.

      2. You may purchase livestock on the open market at the following prices:

        SP cost of livestock
        Ox125 sp
        Cow100 sp
        Sheep20 sp
        Goat30 sp
        Chickens10 sp
        Pig50 sp
        Ducks10 sp
        Horse150 sp
        Geese10 sp

      3. You may sell your farm workers into slavery at the prices noted in the random tables.

      4. Your people need to eat.
        • Each item of livestock will feed a certain number of people. Reduce your holdings in livestock based on the following table:

          Food values of animals
          AnimalWill feed
          AnimalWill feed

        • Any excess food is wasted (for example, if you have 8 people to feed and eat a cow, the 2 extra are lost).
        • If there is not enough livestock available, remove any one figure from any of the groups for each livestock short.

      5. After you have eaten, farm workers produce more livestock. For every three worker or more add one livestock, with the following restrictions:
        • You must have at least one of the type you produce in your holdings
        • You can never more than double your holdings of any animal. For example, if you start with three pigs you can produce no more than three pigs that turn.
        • You can only add cows, oxen, and horses in turns evenly divisable by five (5).

      6. Any remaining livestock may be sold for the following prices:

        SP Value of Livestock
        Ox10 sp
        Cow8 sp
        Sheep3 sp
        Goat4 sp
        Chickens2 sp
        Pig7 sp
        Ducks2 sp
        Horse10 sp
        Geese2 sp

  7. Campaign Objective

    The campaign objective is to become a legend. To become a legend you must accumulate 1000 RP. The first player who does this will move to the court of the king with his family and have a saga written about him. The other will sulk off into obscurity and never be heard from again.

Random Tables

Random livestock (2d6)
8 Sheep
3 Cow
9 Goat
10 Ducks
11 Cow
12 Horse
7 Pig

Random people (2d6)
2Beautiful woman20 sp
8Child 5 sp
3Young Woman15 sp
9Adult female10 sp
4Adult male15 sp
10Adult male15 sp
5Adult female10 sp
11Old person5 sp
6Child 5 sp
12Huskarl25 sp
7Child 5 sp

Arms of armed people (1d6)
Roll Armed with
1Helmet, sword, shield, leather
2Shield, spear
3Bow, helmet
4Helmet, shield, axe
5Shield, sword
6Two handed axe

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