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After Action Report
23 February 2002, Gettysburg, PA
Terry Callahan

This is the After Action Report of a game put on at the Medieval Starship hobby shop in O'Fallon, IL February 23, 2002

On Saturday February 24 the monthly Big Muddy Game Day was held at Medieval Starship in O'Fallon, IL. We played a loosely based scenario based on the Battle in the Wheatfield during the second day at Gettysburg using Brother Against Brother skirmish rules. The game began with four players and eventually grew to include six players, three to a side. The Confederates, attacking the Union force had to occupy a small knoll where the Union had a battery of two 12# Napoleon guns and a road across the on the other side of a wheat field. The Union, to win, had to prevent the Rebels from making their objectives.

The game started slow with the Confederates advancing slowly through the woods toward the Union lines. The Union was waiting behind the protection of a rock wall at the edge of the wood. The battery of Napoleons covered the left side of the wood and a road that exited the wood. On the Confederate left four squads advanced through a marsh in the woods. This was a crucial mistake, as all the squads never became engaged in the battle. This was a third of the Rebel force lost to the slow going in the marsh. Some sniping and a round a canister kept the rebels away from the right. This continued until the Union commander made a crucial error on the US Right. Feeling that the Confederates in the swamp were a threat he pulled back a squad from the center of the US line along the rock wall. This was all the CS commander needed to advance on the Union position. With the rock wall now providing the Southerners protection and the US troops now unprotected in the open, Union casualties began to mount. The Rebels turned the open right flank of the US line and the Union was falling back taking heavy casualties. At this point the Union General seeing the desperate situation sent reinforcements to aid the beleaguered Union troops, but they were too late.

The Confederates seeing the opportunity to gain their first objective shifted several squads to the right and advanced on the small knoll. A both furious firefight between sides ensued. Charge and countercharge left both sides weakened. But several Confederate squads arrived on the scene at the right time to take the initiative. The Battery commander pulled one of his guns out of the battle. While the other gun was in the process of limbering up it came under fire. Five hits were made on the battery wiping out the remaining artillerymen. It was at this point the battle was called.

The Confederates did not capture either objective and lost the battle losing five squads of infantry. The Union commander though, lost a 12# napoleon gun and five squads of infantry in a phyrric victory.