After Action Report - 19 February 2000

Action over Germany, July 18, 1944

Warren Peterson

Our pilots attacked another Allied B-24 bomber group. Our loses were heavy with six FW-190, four ME-410 and four ME-110 reported as being destroyed. Our pilots fought well, but their lack ofcombat experience and the Allied P-51 fighter escorts prove beyond their capabilities. The Luftwaffe needs to improve its training of combat pilots before assignment to Jagdgeschwader.

Reports from Luftwaffe ground crews and AA batteries indicate that six to eight B-24s and three P-51s were shot down. However, these loses were insufficient to prevent the bombing of the ball bearing plant.

It should be reported to Headquarters that our rocket-equipped ME-410s caused moderate to heavy damage on the bombers. However, their number was too limited to be decisive. In addition, the two experimental planes prove extremely capable fighters, but again their numbers are insufficient to provide an effective deterrent to Allied bomber formations.

Respectfully submitted,
Staffelkapitan Heinz Bar 1/JG52
Luftflotte 2