ACW Random Force Generation Overview

Random Civil War Forces

During occassional pickup games we need to generate morale and weapons quickly. Rather than making everybody average with rifles we have devised a set of random tables to generate troops with the overall characteristics of the eastern forces in 1862, but allows for each game to have significant variability.

We typically roll for whole brigades, as this makes bookkeeping easier, but each regiment can be rolled for seperately if desired.

If a western battle is needed, we roll on the Union list for morale and the Confederate list for weapons.

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For the infantry, this is the breakdown of possible results:

Morale Union Confederate
Green 25% 17%
Average 59% 59%
Elite 17% 25%

Weapon Union Confederate
Poor musket 0% 3%
Poor rifle 6% 8%
Musket 22% 31%
Rifle 64% 58%
BL Rifle 9% 0%

Commander Bonus
Bonus Union Confederate
039% 28%
+1 49% 55%
+2 12% 14%
+3 0% 3%