Generating Random Terrain

These links are our groups solution to the problem of terrain. When we set up terrain we try to create "fair" (or not fair) situations. Other than trying to find actual terrain for our campaigns we have developed a program/scheme to create terrain that is really random.

In our campaigns the map is composed of hexes that are 16 square miles each - four miles by four miles. The program and setup here creates a grid of 16 squares by 16 squares, with each square about one quarter mile on a side, which corresponds to one square foot on the tabletop. Once the full 16 square map is created a template that corresponds to the scale size of the tabletop is used to designate the actual terrain that is placed on the table. An example is provided.

This scheme produces a series of numbers - one in each of the squares in the grid. Once these are determined the actual terrain is drawn in - hill contours, woods, streams, and so forth. This is described in the link on terrain description .

The link to the "BASIC program " provides a program that can be used to generate this random terrain. You need to have some but minimal sophistification to make this ready for use, but once done it prints out the random maps.

If you lack the skills to get the program together, the link to "Terrain creation " does pretty much the same thing the program does, but you roll dice to generate the terrain. The link to the "terrain box " gives a printable grid of the type we use in the 1862 campaign.

Finally, these random maps can also be used for simple terrain generation for any game. You can change the scale or create single maps for one game or a small campaign. A map generated by this system is being used for our current battleground campaign.

Random Terrain Links