Coral Sea Game Rules Modifications for Midway

The following modifications of the Coral Sea Rules are all that is needed to play a Midway Campaign. This game is in many ways simpler than Coral Sea, but is very interesting as well. Unless noted below, all Coral Sea rules apply.

  1. MAP - Use the Coral Sea Map grid, but delete all land areas. Midway island is at J4G. The rest of the map is open ocean.

  2. FORCE COMPOSITION - Entry times are noted on the order of battle. The actual force composition of all fleets is up to the discression of the player, but must follow minimum and maximum fleet sizes. For this game only use BB, CA, CL, CV, CVL, CVS, and APA ships.

    • USA player may declare a search in any area where there are USA forces, PLUS four additional areas anywhere on the strategic map.

    • IJN player may declare a search in any area where there are IJN ships, PLUS three additional areas that are within 12 zones of any of the IJN ships.
  4. AIRCRAFT - Carrier planes may land on any available carrier or on Midway Island (USA only) regardless of where they originated, as long as the capacity of the landing site is not exceeded. Planes from Midway Island (except VT8 - Avengers) must return to Midway Island or they are lost.

  5. AIRCRAFT CARRIER CAPACITY - Carriers have a game capacity equal to the proportion of planes being used in the game of their actual capacity. For example, if using 1 model for 2 actual planes, the carrier capacities are halved. Actual carrier capacity can be found on the Midway Order of Battle page. Seaplane carriers can service any number of planes.

  6. MIDWAY ANTI-AIRCRAFT FIRE - Midway field has an AA value of 6. This is calculated from any point on the island.

  7. AIRFIELD DAMAGE - When Midway Airfield has taken 50 points of damage it is unusable as an airfield for the rest of the game. No planes can land of take off from Midway field after this occurs. Only hits on the runway itself damage the airfield.

  8. MIDWAY ISLAND PLACEMENT - Midway Island is placed, centered on the friendly board edge, 10 hexes away from that edge, following the hex grid of the map. Only the airfield at Midway is important, buildings are ignored. The island itself should be a triangle with ten hexes on each side. The airfield itself is one hex wide and 8 hexes long.

  9. ATTACKING MIDWAY BY SEA - Battleships (only) may bombard Midway Island to reduce the airfield. Ships must be in the Midway zone and stationary. When conditions are met, attacker rolls 1d10 per battleship present during the Sea Battles phase. Result is damage to the field.

  10. INVADING MIDWAY ISLAND - The Japanese may attempt to invade Midway once per strategic turn. To successfully invade, the attacking player rolls 1d20. For every ten points remaining for Midway add one to the die roll. If the die roll is LESS THAN the number of transports present in the Midway area, the invasion is successful. If any other number is rolled, one transport is lost.

  11. TIME LIMIT - The game begins at dawn on June 3. The Japanese must take Midway Island before sunset on June 5 or the Americans will be victorious.