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1862 - Civil War Campaign Rules

These rules were designed with the game system "Johnny Reb" in mind, but they should be easily altered to fit any miniature rules that deal with the American Civil War.

This game is played with a moderator who controls the game and a number of "commanders" who actually play by ordering their units about on a map. The moderator receives written orders each day (turn) and returns to the commanders relevant information about the previous day's activities.

The rules are divided into two parts. Part one is the player rules. These contain information known to everyone in the campaign and give general guidelines as to what is possible. They are deliberately vague in a number of places. Part two is the moderator rules. These contain tables for unit generation, guidelines for determining weather, straggling, movement, and the numbers that will be returned after a battle.

Some additional files that might be of interest are also included.

Campaign Rules

Table Top Rules

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