Coral Sea Campaign

1700 May 5, 1942

Allied After Action Report U.S. Forces,
Coral Sea 0500 hrs. 6 May 1942

The Japanese managed a small surprise during their operations this morning. Just before dawn a B-26 surface task force arrived off shore at Port Moresby and shelled the airbase. Damage was moderate, but not enough to keep our aircraft down. Airacobras on CAP drove off the enemy spotter planes and then two squadrons of B-26's converged, sinking at least two heavy cruisers and damaging others. Once again the torpedo-equipped Marauder has proved to be a lethal weapon against shipping. They were missed in the role as bombers during the morning's raid on Lae, however. B-17's from Townville encountered enemy fighters over central New Guinea and Dauntless suffered some loss, then a combination of enemy CAP and AA fire further damaged our bombers resulting in an inconsequential attack. B-25's from Port Moresby followed them and these planes did deliver some damage, but the Mitchell just does not compare to the B-26 as a bomber.

Dauntless At sea, the U.S. Navy had serious hope of catching an enemy carrier task force far from land air support. When the morning's reconnaissance failed to find them, though, the carriers launched an attack on the seaplane base at Tulagi. The waves of dive bombers and torpedo planes inflicted real damage on the ships there, but we failed to put the base itself out of commission.

Our forces must now re-group. Japanese carriers are operating in a forward manner. We must find them first!

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