Coral Sea Campaign

0700 May 6, 1942

Airacobra Zero

After the bloodletting of the early morning, both sides seemed to take a break. There were the normal searching and repair activities, and one significant attack.

A flight of three Zeros appeared off of Port Moresby and was met by five Airacobras. The allied pilots were all green, and the Japanese were veterans. As you might expect, Allied loses were significant.

While the dog fight - or dog beating some said - was going on, four more Airacobras took off from Port Moresby and three heavily laden Emily's appeared, headed for the airfield. Once the Emily bombers were sighted the Airacobras change their focus from surviving the attack of the Zeros to going after the Emilys. They succeeded. One Emily went up in a ball of flame. The other two were riddled by the Allied planes and went down as well.

After the bombers were dispatched the Airacobras, feeling their job was done, headed off to let the base fend for itself. The three Zeros went after the Catalinas parked in the harbor, but two were shot down by base AA fire in short order. The last zero flew off and the skirmish ended.

All things considered a quiet period. Later in the morning may be quite different.

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