Coral Sea Campaign

1300, May 4, to dawn, May 5, 1942

The remainder of May 4th was spent mostly in frantic searches for each others fleets. There were several reported sightings, but as attack aircraft arrived there were no targets - or, in two instances, small fishing fleets were found. Although the commanders considered attacking these in a fit of frustration, cooler heads prevailed and the flights returned to base withou incident. Catalina

Of more importance were two small fighter attacks by the Japanese on Port Moresby. While these did minimal damage to the airfield they did target the Allies Catalinas - their search planes. The Japanese claimed that four Catalinas were destroyed in these actions, but the Allies have only admitted two destroyed.

All through the night the repair crews frantically worked on the damaged aircraft with the hope that these would be used to some good effect on the morrow.

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