The Fall Campaign, 1862

Union Force Composition and Strength 1862 Campaigns

Information for MG J. Pope

July 31, 1862

  1. Forces under your command are located :
      Army of Virginia
    • Manassas - 7th Corps
    • Fredricksburg 5th Corps
    • Warrenton - 4th Corps, 3rd Cavalry Brigade, and yourself
    • Front Royal - 2nd Cavalry Brigade

      Army of the Valley
    • Romney - 6th Corps, 3rd Division
    • Winchester - 6th Corps, 1st Division
    • Strausburg - 6th Corps, 2nd Division
    (All commanders are with the lowest numbered unit in their command)

  2. The Army of the Valley may not opertae East of the Blue Ridge without specific permission from Gen. Halleck. You are to give them orders for operations in the valley, however.

  3. CS forces are known at the following locations:
    • Mt Jackson - 2400
    • Luray - 2400
    • Sperryville - 1200
    • Culpepper - 9000
    • Thompson's Crossroad - 1200 (Cavalry)
    • Richmond area (Main army) - 40000

  4. There are known CS supply depots at Harrisonburg, Culpepper, and Madison.

  5. Supply depots available for your use are at Aquia Creek, Manassas, Romney, and Harper's Ferry. All rail lines North of Manassas, plus the line to Warrenton, and the line from Aquia Creek to Fredricksburg are operational.

  6. The intentions of the CS forces are unclear. It is your task to protect Washington while McClellan's forces are evacuated from the pennisula. He has about 35000 troops, and they will begin arriving around the 5th of August.

  7. At the moment both you and McClellan are army commanders. Should either of you demonstrate your inability to command at this level you will be removed from your position.

  8. US Campaign Objectives
    1. Protect Washington from CS forces (THE MOST IMPORTANT OBJECTIVE).
    2. Protect Northern territory from invasion by the CS.
    3. Do not allow Baltimore or Harrisburg to fall into CS hands.
    4. Keep the rail lines open from Washington to both the West and North.
    5. Hold the Valley in Union control.
    6. Keep Maryland in the Union.
    7. Destroy the CS army.
    8. Capture Richmond.
    9. Do not suffer a major defeat North of the Potomac.
    10. Maintain your army as viable fighting forces.

  9. Other Notes
    • Transports may navigate up rivers to Havre de Grace, Baltimore, Washington, Fredricksburg, Urbana, West Point, and Richmond.
    • There is a pontoon train in Washington.