The Fall Campaign, 1862

Union Force Composition and Strength 1862 Campaigns

Information for MG G. McClellan

July 31, 1862

  1. Your forces are located at the following
    • 4 mi W of Glendale - 1st Corps
    • In Glendale - 2nd Corps
    • Harrison's landing (8 mi S of Glendale) - 3rd Corps and Army Reserve
    • 4 mi NW of Glendale - 1st Cavalry Brigade
    • Harrison's landing has extensive earthworks and a supply depot.

  2. A heavy CS cavalry screen is located 12 mi NW of Glendale. It protects a CS force estimated at 55000 men. There are persistant rumors that they will soon assault your position.

  3. You have been ordered by Washington to cease your assaults on Richmond. Ships are being gathered to transport your forces back to the north. Enough transports will be provided to hold two divisions per trip (cavalry and army reserve each are one division for space purposes). When they are ready, transports will take one day to load, one day to travel, one day to unload, and one day to return. You must designate units that are to board, and where they should be sent. You may select Washington, Aquia Creek, Annapolis, or Baltimore.

  4. Gen. Pope commands about 32000 men spread over Northern Virginia.

  5. Take care to insure that your forces on the Pennisula are not overwhelmed. The union depends on your ability.

  6. Both you and Pope command separate armies. Should either of you demonstrate an inability to command at this level you will be removed form your pposition.

  7. US Campaign Objectives
    1. Protect Washington from CS forces (THE MOST IMPORTANT OBJECTIVE).
    2. Protect Northern territory from invasion by the CS.
    3. Do not allow Baltimore or Harrisburg to fall into CS hands.
    4. Keep the rail lines open from Washington to both the West and North.
    5. Hold the Valley in Union control.
    6. Keep Maryland in the Union.
    7. Destroy the CS army.
    8. Capture Richmond.
    9. Do not suffer a major defeat North of the Potomac.
    10. Maintain your army as viable fighting forces.

  8. Other Notes
    • US Supply Depots are located at Aquia Creek, Romney, Manassas, Harper's Ferry, Baltimore, and Bryantown.
    • Transports may navigate up rivers to Havre de Grace, Baltimore, Washington, Fredricksburg, Urbana, West Point, and Richmond.
    • There is a pontoon train in Washington.