Confederate Initial Campaign Information

July 31, 1862

  1. Your forces are located at the following:
    • 8 mi E of Richmond - Longstreet's Divisions 1, 2, and 3
    • 4 mi E of Richmond - Longstreet's Divisions 4 & 5
    • in Richmond - Army Reserve w/ Lee
    • 12 mi NW of Glendale - 2nd Cavalry Brigade
    • 4 mi W of Richmond - Jackson's Division 6
    • 4 mi NW of Richmond - Jackson's Division 8
    • Thompson's Crossroads - 1st Cavalry Brigade
    • Culpepper - Jackson's Division 7
    • Mt. Jackson - Jackson's Division 9, 1st Brigade and a train
    • Lurray - Jackson's Division 9, 2nd Brigade
    • Sperryville - Jackson's Division 9, 3rd Brigade
    (Corps and division leaders are with the lowest numbered force in their commands.)
    Richmond has some works and a garrison of 5,000 troops which will remain in the city.

  2. There are established supply depots at Harrisonburg, Culpepper, and Madison. All rail lines south of Gordonville, plus the lines from there to Culpepper and Staunton are operational.

  3. US force locations and approximate strength are as follows:
    • Romney 3200
    • Winchester 3000
    • Strausburg 3500
    • Front Royal 1000 (Cavalry)
    • Warrenton 18000
    • Manassas 4500
    • Fredricksburg 11000 (All of the above are commanded by Pope)
    • Glendale area 33000 (screened by about 1200 cavalry NW of town)
    • There are reported earthworks at Harrison's landing, 8 mi S of Glendale.
    • All of these forces are commanded by McClellan.

  4. Garrisons the US maintains are at...
    • Harper's Ferry 5500
    • Washington 8000
    • Baltimore 1800
    • Aquia Creek 1700
    • Bryantown 800

  5. US Supply depots are located at Aquia Creek, Manassas, Baltimore, Romney, Harper's Ferry, Bryantown, and Harrison's landing (8 mi S of Glendale).

  6. There are persistant rumors that the US forces around Glendale will be recalled North, but they may attempt another push on Richmond.

  7. Your Objectives in the Campaign
    1. Bring England into the war on the side of the confederacy.
    2. Bring Maryland into the confederacy.
    3. Reduce the will of the North to maintain their aggression.
    4. Protect Richmond from the US forces.
    5. Free the Valley from US control to allow food production.

    To obtain these objectives you should attempt to do as many of the following as possible without seriously damaging your army:
    1. Capture the cities of Washington, Baltimore, Harrisburg, and the capital of Maryland, Annapolis.
    2. Inavde the north by crossing the Potomac with your forces. Movement into Pennsylvania would be most helpful.
    3. Cause a major defeat of US forces North of the Potomac.
    4. Release the 10000 prisoners kept at Bryantown.
    5. Reduce the Harper's Ferry garrison and cut the rail line from Washington to the west.
    6. Isolate Washington by cutting all communicating rail lines.