Ship Movement Modifications


In the Blue Sky rules, ships are passive targets that planes swoop down on and destroy. We felt that this left the defending player rather too passive, so we developed a set of procedures that give at least some chance for the ships to move.

Ship Movement while under attack

Each turn the controlling player may attempt to alter the position of none, some, or all of the ships on the table.

For each ship you wish to move announce the ship and roll 1d10. A successful roll is a 10 or more for all ships except destroyers, which have a successful roll on a 9 or more.

When enemy planes are in AA range of a ship, the ship player may announce a violent maneuver and add two to the die roll. If this is done the violently maneuvering ship cannot fire its AA guns nor launch planes if a carrier.

A successful roll allows the ship to move in one of the following three ways:

  • Move ahead one hex
  • Shift ship one hex side to port. (Bow stays in place)
  • Shift ship one hex side to starboard. (Bow stays in place)

If these movements cause any two ships to collide (occupy the same hex), move the smaller ship away from the collision and both ships take 1d6 in damage.

Ships may not leave the playing field.

No part of a ship may ever be off the table edge.

Ships that are reduced to "no move" may not attempt these actions.

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