Blue Sky Altitude Decals
by Tom Sparhawk

Blue Sky rules require an "altitude" dial to indicate the height of the aircraft. The dials, purchased from John Stanock, the author of the rules, come with the numbers 1 through 6 molded into the dial. You are supposed to paint the dial, then color in the numbers. This works OK, but I've worked out a different system.

The decals shown below can printed out, cut, and then pasted onto the dial. I think it gives a neater appearance to the stands than the molded numbers.

If you are interested, there are two ways you can get these decals printed out:


Once you have them printed out, I found that the best way to attach them is with rubber cement, as the color won't run. I cut the decal close to the dial size, attach it, (making sure the sides of the hex line up) and cut off excess and the center hole with a hobby knife.

Hope you find these helpful. We use one color for each flight. This helps keep the game organized, as some times planes can be much further apart then they should be!

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