Critical Hit Table

In Blue Sky rules when doubles that hit are rolled, a critical hit is scored rather than normal hits. In the original rules a d10 is rolled to determine what occurs. Our group has increased the number of critical hit possibilities to 20. This slows down play a bit but it adds an interesting element to the game. The title has been changed to "Special" because some of these effect the firing plane.


Special Hit Table

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2 Hits
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3 Hits
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4 Hits
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5 Hits
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Abort Plane must immediately dive and move to exit at nearest board edge
- -
Elevator hit Plane may not dive or climb for the rest of the game. Place smoke on left wing
rudder hit
Plane may not turn or slip for rest of the game. Place smoke on tail fin
Engine hit If one engine, loose one from all speeds per turn. At zero, plane verticle dives one hex forward the rest of the game. If two engines, all speeds cut in half. If three engines, first loss cuts all speeds by one third, second by two thirds. If four engines, first loss cuts all speeds by one quarter. Two lost cuts all speeds in half. Three hits reduce all speeds by three quarters. Place smoke on engine
Cockpit hitPlane goes out of control. Each turn afterward, after all other planes have moved, roll for plane movement. Roll 1d6. Result is direction the plane turns (based on altitude dial). Roll another d6. If 1 or 2, the plane dives. If 3 or 4 the plane flies level. If 5 or 6 the plane climbs. If action cannot be preformed, plane reaks apart. Any guns that pilot would fire cannot fire. If two pilots, both must be killed before this applies. Place smoke on cockpit
Fuel line/
bomb bay hit
Plane explodes. This blocks visibility and any plane that flies through the hex takes a critical hit. Effect lasts only for the turn following the fuel line hit Leave altitude stand in place. Replace the plane with smoke.
Off target If hit from firing, cause two hits to the nearest plane in range other than the target, including friendly planes. Otherwise cause one point of damage.
- -
Guns Jam Guns that were firing may not fire next turn. If hit not from firing, no damage.Place small smoke on wing
Pilot stunned Pilot is knocked out for 1d6 turns. Treat as plane out of control (#10) until pilot recovers. Place a d6 on stand
Rudder damagedPlane cannot slip or turn. Rudder corrects itself if roll 5 or 6 on 1d6. Roll each turn before movement.Place small smoke on tail
Engine damaged If single engine plane, flies at half speed (round up) for the rest of the game. For multiple engine planes, lose an engine. (See #9) Place small smoke on engine
Cockpit damaged/ oil spray Add one to all momentum numbers. When pilot firing, subtract two from all firing dice rolls. These effects last for the rest of the game. Place small smoke on cockpit
Elevator damagedPlane cannot dive or climb. Elevator corrects itself if roll 5 or 6 on 1d6. Roll each turn before movement. Place small smoke on wing
Oxygen hit Oxygen out.. Every turn in high altitude band roll 1d6 before movement. On a roll of 1 or 2 the pilot passes out. Treat as stunned (see #14). Place smoke under plane
On Target If hit is from firing, reroll all hit dice keeping all previous damage. Otherwise reroll critical hit.
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