Battle of Britain


August 13, 1940 (move 4)
German Occupied France Orders were received from Luftflotte 2 Headquarters in Brussels to commence attacks against British air bases and radar sites in preparation for Operation Adlertag. A Schwarm consisting of 7 Bf-109Es, 4 Ju-88A, 13 Ju-87B and 4 Me-110Cs was given the mission of destroying the coastal radar site near Bawdsey (map coordinate R5). While a second Schwarm consisting of 6 Bf-109E, 5 Me-110Cs and 12 Do-17Z and followed with orders to continue the attack against Bawdsey or attack the coastal radar site near Dunwich (map coordinate R6).

Reports from our returning pilots indicate that significant RAF fighter resistance was encounter on both out bound and return trips. However, the pilots reported successful bombings on both radar sites. Our losses were 5 Bf-109Es and 6 Ju-87s. British losses were reported as 9 Spitfires, 3 Hurricanes and 5 two engine fighters.

Respectfully submitted,

Staffelkapitan Hans-Karl Mayer I/JG2
Luftflotte 2