First Napoleonic Naval Campaign

Third game of a five game Napoleonic naval campaign.
WNF NCG3 20140925 001  British Line at set up. The plan was to set up a hammer and anvil attack. WNF NCG3 20140925 002  French line at beginning of the game, grouped in a tight formation. WNF NCG3 20140925 003  British Line WNF NCG3 20140925 004  British Center Division
WNF NCG3 20140925 005  French Fleet WNF NCG3 20140925 008  French Center turning towards British. WNF NCG3 20140925 009  British fleet moving. WNF NCG3 20140925 010  French Center turning away, French Van under fire from British Center. The two ships of the French Rear following the French Vanguard.
WNF NCG3 20140925 011  Two ships of British Van seperating from rest of the battle line. WNF NCG3 20140925 012  British Center turning toward French Rear while French Van racing towards two ships of the British line that are seperating from the rest of the British line. French Center firing on the lead two British ships. A French 74 firing on the British Center. WNF NCG3 20140925 013  British line has seperated into three groups of two. French Van in the center moving towards the Britsih Van. WNF NCG3 20140925 014
WNF NCG3 20140925 015  Ships of the British Center moving towards the single French ship that has been firing on them. WNF NCG3 20140925 016  French 74 running away from the three Briitish ships. Upper right french Van abount to cut he British line. WNF NCG3 20140925 017  Upper left: Three French ship of the Center division attacking two British ship of the British Van. Center: French Vanguard about to cut the Britsig line. Two ship of the British Rear moving to attack the French Van. Above the British Rear two British ship about to make a tactical mistake that will cost the British a ship. WNF NCG3 20140925 019
WNF NCG3 20140925 020 WNF NCG3 20140925 021  French Van being fired on by twop ships of the British Rear. Upper right HMS Theseus has made a tragic mistake. Turning around into the wind. It lost a couple sails and had to drift with the wind for two turns. WNF NCG3 20140925 022  French Center has engaged two Britsih ships of the British Van. A battle of three to two will lead to the HMS Canopus striking to the French Flagship. WNF NCG3 20140925 023  Four French ships approaching British ships sailing with wind on bow. Very soon it will be four on two.
WNF NCG3 20140925 024  British Center turning around to chase a French 74 of the Rear. It will be an unsuccessful chase. The 74 will escape undamaged. WNF NCG3 20140925 025 WNF NCG3 20140925 026 WNF NCG3 20140925 027
WNF NCG3 20140925 028  HMS Canopus being boarded from two French 74's. WNF NCG3 20140925 029  HMS Theseus about to be hit by ball and grape from two French ships. A third the French 80 of the rear coming up on the stern of the Theseus. French 74 cutting in front of British ships giving a bow rake on one. WNF NCG3 20140925 030  British ships trying to trap French 74 that was firing on British Center. WNF NCG3 20140925 031  Five to one! The French 74 got away without a scratch.