Ligny - Quatre Bras game at Little Wars 2015 25/04/15

Battles of Ligny and Quatre Bras combined game played at Little Wars 2015. Rules used Orders to Eagles.
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Historic set up around Ligny. I added a foot to teh terrain board but did not have enough monoply buildings to make the four villages that were situated along…
Another picture of the set up showing St. Armand and the other villages. French III corps is in the foreground.
Quatre Bras is upper part of the screen and the French II corps is in the foreground.
Over all look at the table.
Looking south at Ligny and St. Armand and other villages.
Assault on Ligny and St. Armand has begun.
A division of the Prussian I Corps has routed from Ligny opening up the town for a French advance. ONly four battalions left to defend the town.
The French have routed the Dutch-Belgian Corps and are now approaching Quatre Bras. British reinforcements have arrived in time to hold the crossroads.
An overall look at the battlefield during play.