2018 Barracks Battles @ Dicon 08—09/06/18

2018 Barracks Battles held on June 8, 9, and 10 at the Gateway Center, Collinsville IL
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Sweeping the Skies
Two French D.520 fighters.
Two Fr D.520's had just taken off from the air base were attacked by a pair of F4F Wildcats. Two more Fr. D.520
F4F Wildcats persuing the D-520 with a pair of D.520 coming in to help.
The two D.520 flared left and right to escape the pursuing Wildcats. One F$F is about to shot down. The two Fr D.520 the Wildcats were pursing sustained…
More Wildcats arriving.
Pair of Wildcats coming in at top speed and altitude 4.
Wildcat at bottom of picture was taking hits from the Fr D.520.