Battlle of Ligny - Quatre Bras Game at Little Wars 2015

Pictures from Ligny and Quatre Bras game at Little Wars 2015
Little Wars 20150424 083  Historic set up around Ligny. I added a foot to the original 10 foot terrain board but did not have enough monoply buildings to make the four villages that were situated along Ligny Creek. Instead I used forests and woods terrain. The villages will be there next time. Little Wars 20150424 084  Another picture of the set up showing St. Armand and the other villages. French III corps is in the foreground. Little Wars 20150424 085  Quatre Bras is upper part of the screen and the French II corps is in the foreground. Scattered in front of the French are the Dutch-Belgian Corps. Little Wars 20150424 086  Over all look at the table.
Little Wars 20150424 087  Looking south at Ligny and St. Armand and other villages. Little Wars 20150425 088  An overall look at the battlefield during early play. Little Wars 20150425 089  Picture of the assault on the second turn. The French failed to get into Ligny and were thrown back on this turn. Little Wars 20150425 090  The French II Corps begins to advance towards Quatre Bras. French cavalry is moving out onto the flanks. The Dutch Belgians are in the three fortified farms and on the rise ahead of the French.
Little Wars 20150425 092  The French players Bob Gallavan and Pat Connaughton. Little Wars 20150425 093  Trying to decide what to do next. Little Wars 20150425 094  Brunswick reinforcements arriving at Quatre Bras. Little Wars 20150425 095  The early assaults on Ligny and St Armand. III Corps upper left is beginning to shift left and overlap the Prussian right flank. The French at Ligny were thown back soon after this.
Little Wars 20150425 096  A look at the battlefield and the French forces from Ligny to the area around Gemincourt. Little Wars 20150425 097  Somebreff and Ligny. Prussian II Corps in reserve along the Nivelles-Namur road. Little Wars 20150425 098  French have been repulsed from Ligny by the Prussians. The French commander will move more artillery up to bombard the town to prepare it for a second assault. Little Wars 20150425 099  Looking over the table.
Little Wars 20150425 100  The French have captured Petite and Grand Peirrepont Farms and thrown out the Dutch unit holding Gemincourt. The Dutch - Belgian Division has routed. The Brunswickers and a British Division have arrived in the nick of time to set up a defense of Quatre Bras. Little Wars 20150425 008  The French have routed the Dutch-Belgian Corps which went into the woods east of Quatre Bras.  The French are preparing the eventual assault on Quatre Bras while British reinforcements have arrived in time to hold the crossroads. Little Wars 20150425 101  Middle right some French and Prussian Light Cavalry are clashing. The French cavalry division commander that was attached to a unit will be killed in the fight. Not an auspicious start to the French attack on the Prussian Right. The French division that is out front indicated by the arrow will be bombarded by a Grand Battery. In one turn it will lose three battalions and will fall back one have move. Little Wars 20150425 102  Imperial Guard Reserve Artillery has been moved up to bombard Ligny and the supporting Prussian infantry behind it. The Prussians in St. Armand are having a hard time of it, They will be thrown back too.
Little Wars 20150425 006  Assault on Ligny and St. Armand resulted in a Prussians Divison being routed out of Ligny (RED Pipe cleaner). In St Armand the Prussian Division there is holding but is weakening quickly. Little Wars 20150425 007  A division of the Prussian I Corps has routed from Ligny opening up the town for a French advance. Only the four defending battalions of a Prussian Divison are left in the town. THings are not looking good for the Prussians. Little Wars 20150425 103  All quiet on the Prussian Left.