2015 Recruits

Pictures from Recruits Con Sept 2015
Recruits  20150911 012  Battle of Waterloo, Fench attacking from the left toward the Anglo-Allied positions on the right. Recruits  20150911 013  French attack developing on the French Left while the French Right is moving towards Papolette. Recruits  20150911 014  on the third turn the French Center has collapsed with a one division routing. Recruits  20150911 015  Another view of the routing division on far left and the hole it left in its wake. Napoleon soon released Lobau's VI Corps to fill the gap in the line.
Recruits  20150911 016  Chasses Divisions moving forward on the Anglo-Allied Right. Recruits  20150911 017  Papolette and *****, not much happening. Recruits  20150911 021  French assaulting the British Center. Recruits  20150911 022  The French pushing all along the line. Disaster for the British aand their allies.
Recruits  20150911 018  "Wooden Wars" rules based on H.G. Wells  "Little Wars" written one hundred years ago. Very interesting and nicely done figures and terrain for the floor. Recruits  20150911 019 Recruits  20150911 020 Recruits  20150912 045  I like how play used alphabet blocks for defenses.
Recruits  20150912 023  A table top game of "Wooden Wars" was also played. Recruits  20150912 051 Recruits  20150912 046  The players toosed small soft rubber balls to knock over the figures. Recruits  20150912 002  I Played a FIW skirmish game Saturday morning. The rules were called "This Very Ground" The game was with 54mm metal figures. There were three Provincial commands and four Indian commands. My command was of Rangers.
Recruits  20150912 003  Rangers Recruits  20150912 004  Rangers moving Recruits  20150912 005 Recruits  20150912 007
Recruits  20150912 008  Three Indian bands of the four that raided the farm. Rangers on the left coming around the house. One Indian command is behind the farm building, another in front and the third next to it. Recruits  20150912 009  Provincial militia in green are by the gate, Provincial regulars in white are behind the large tree. Recruits  20150912 010  Indian band behind the out buildings moving towards the forest. Recruits  20150912 011  Close-up
Recruits  20150912 024  My Rangers moving by the house. Recruits  20150912 025  Another view of one of the Indian commands. In the rules Indian commands were very tough in melee, while musketry was average. Recruits  20150912 026  Indian Band Chief on the left and part of one of the bands firing from the building. Recruits  20150912 028
Recruits  20150912 029  Close-up of the Rangers. Recruits  20150912 030 Recruits  20150912 031  Most of the Indians have moved away from the farm. Recruits  20150912 032  Covering their fellow raiders.
Recruits  20150912 034  One of the bands was in the house. They came out of the house after the Provincials arrived behind the Rangers command. Recruits  20150912 036  Indian band and rangers fired at each other, both took casualties. The Rangers lost their sergeant and two more of the rangers in the exchanges. The Indian command lost two. Recruits  20150912 038  The Indians from the hosue killed three of the rangers including their sergeant. When the initiative roll was tied one side or the other had a speacial event occur. The Preacher joined the Rangers and bolstered their morale and numbers. Recruits  20150912 039  Provincial regulars are chasing the Indians that have left the farm.
Recruits  20150912 040  The Regulars did not lose anyone in the skirmish. Recruits  20150912 041  The figures were exquisite. Sadly I do not remember the manufacturer. The GM had modified the paint on some of the figures. Recruits  20150912 043 Recruits  20150912 044
Recruits  20150912 047  Provincial Militia are moving across the farm yard to assist the Rangers. Recruits  20150912 048 Recruits  20150912 049  Provincial Regulars firing on the retreating Indians. Recruits  20150912 052  6mm Battle of Rivolli, A French Light Cavalry stand on the flank of the Austrian brigade.
Recruits  20150912 053  Battle of Rivolli: Austrian Division moving to gain a position on the French Right Flank. Recruits  20150912 054  Battle of Negapatam - British under Pocock defeat French under d'Ache.